About MAS Upper New York

Our Vision, Mission, and Achievements

Assalamu Alaikum and Peace Be Unto You

The Muslim American Society of Upper New York (MASUNY) was founded more than two decades ago to provide basic religious services and religious education to the growing Muslim community in the Bronx and Westchester. The Bronx Muslim Center at 702 Rhinelander Ave, Bronx was established in the late 1990s. Andalusia School Center started as a full-time Islamic School in 1999 in Mount Vernon, then moved to its current location at 380 Walnut Street in Yonkers in 2006.

The Bronx Muslim Center community has multiplied many folds in recent year due to Muslim families sought a still reasonable housing expense in the areas around the Masjid.  With that big flux of people, much more demand for religious services and space were needed. The evaluation of several options to expand the current place at 702 Rhinelander Ave or move out to a larger building were finally settled in 2014 with the purchase of multiple adjacent parcels of land located at 1912 Amethyst Street, only a couple of blocks away from existing location. After more than six long years of diligent process with NYC Zoning Board and Building Department, the construction project of the new building began with the excavation and foundation stage in May of 2020. The hope is to finish this phase over the spring of 2021.  The 32,000 sq. ft edifice will accommodate the various religious and social services, the local Muslim community is in dire need for.

In Yonkers, Andalusia Islamic Center and School have been the hub for the local Muslim community. The Pre-K to 12 Grade full time Islamic School has been inculcating and nurturing our young men and women with strong academics and solid principles of Islamic faith and culture. Our high school graduates are now medical doctors, engineers, accountants, teachers at the school and much more. The 60,000 sq. ft school building hosts more than 300 students from Pre-K to 12 grades. The educators and staff are highly qualified in their experience, training, and certification.

The Muslim Americans society Youth work (MAS Youth) is the signature accomplishment of the organization. Our young women and men have made a big leap in the quality and quantity of services, not only to our Muslim community but also to the larger community around the two centers.  Civic engagement, voter registration, community outreach, interfaith relations, and food drives especially during this Pandemic have made us all proud of our youth. They are running the shows in the Masjids, the School, PACE (the Public Affairs and Civic Engagement) and Tabiya (spiritual development and purification).  They are translating their faith into quality services and good deeds.


Muslim American Society, Upper New York Chapter


To move people to strive for God-consciousness, liberty, and justice and to convey Islam with utmost clarity.


A virtuous and just American society.

MASUNY Objectives:
  • Answering the religious needs and providing the local Muslim Community with a place of worship, as well as lectures and consultations to help them (along with their children) to gain detailed knowledge about their religion
  • Enlightening American public opinion with true knowledge about Islam, its teachings, its ideology, its philosophy, and culture
  • Providing the local Muslim Communities with religious guidance, and correct religious opinions and legal rulings of Islamic Law over religious, cultural and social critical questions
  • Promoting good understanding and friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • Investing in youth education and empowerment
  • Striving for more cooperation among communities and organizations
  • Training American Muslim religious leaders and activist
  • Encouraging interfaith dialogue and civic engagements

We invite you to check out our departments. Our hope that you will join some of our activities and programs. Your feedback and input is highly appreciated.